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Here is How Our School Assessment Process Works:


Phase I - Contact TFPG and explain what you want   to achieve.

Phase II -  We are invited into your school for a facilities and site audit.
Phase III - TFPG completes the computer assisted data analysis within two weeks;  and provides you with specific prioritized scores and directions for facilities and grounds improvement, leading to better student outcomes.

Phase IV - Upon the implementation of TFPG's recommended changes, student outcomes are expected to immediately begin showing improvement.  In other words, you do not have to wait 3 -5 years to see improvement. 

Research on outdoor learning environments, as reported in our latest book, indicates that students attending schools having special, well planned outdoor learning environments make higher test scores than students in schools without outdoor learning programs.

Building and Grounds Audits Can Lead to Improved Student Outcomes!

Facilities Evaluation

Do Your School System's Facilities and Grounds  Promote or Hinder Student Learning?

Isn't it funny how people who would never dream of hiring teachers without college degrees or certification will leave students completely unprotected against the effects of bad school designs?  While we recognize that some teachers are incompetent, few of us realize that bad school design takes as much of a toll on student learning as a school housing incompetent teachers. Chances are, your school system hires well qualified, good teachers.   Doesn't it make sense to make an investment in certifying your school buildings with good school design?  If you have good teachers, making strategic changes in your school's physical environment can improve student learning and other outcomes by as much as 15%.  (1)

(1) See Study on Lighting.   See Related Research.

The TFPG has developed instrumentation to detect school design flaws that interfere with student learning, even if you employ excellent teachers.  Contact the TFPG to evaluate your existing schools and show you how  to improve the physical learning environment and raise student achievement scores!  Shouldn't your good teachers be allowed to get more positive results by working in school buildings having  "student friendly" spaces that complement teaching and learning?

TFPG Will Evaluate Your School to Determine What Steps Can be Taken to Improve Student Outcomes.  Read About How We Can Help Below:
TFPG uses a research-based approach to assess your existing school building and grounds.  We visit the school, study the facilities and grounds according to an extensive set of variables and then recommend specific physical changes that you can make to improve student learning and other outcomes.  Over several years we have worked to refine instruments that provide a school rating or score. 

When specified changes are implemented,  you can expect from 5 - 15% improvement in student outcomes.

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