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Program Evaluation

TPEG performs After School Program evaluations based on quantitative & qualitative data analysis.  Scientific comparison of after school and regular school programs, plus trend analysis are part of our evaluation package. Read More

    Population Forecasting

Population Forecasting and Demographic Analysis Services for business, health care, recreation groups, school districts, and architectural firms.  Start new and reliable forecasts with an e-mail to  Learn More

Facilities Evaluation
Evaluate the design of your facilities and discover correctable  weaknesses.  Only a few prescribed changes in design may lead to improved productivity.  Learn More

Highlight Effects of School Design on Student Outcomes - This is an Award Winning Research Article Written by C. Kenneth Tanner

Tanner Forecasting, Planning, & Evaluation

  Planning & Program


After School Program Evaluation, Facilities Planning, Data-Based Curriculum Evaluation, Population Forecasting, Demographic Analysis, & Capital Project Planning. 

Planning Before Architecture
Function Before Form

Facilities Planning & Design

Application of science and research in the planning and design of work, learning, and recreational facilities.  Learn More

The Best Selling Guide Book to Facilities Planning, Design, Architecture, Management, & Operations

                    Facilities Planning by Tanner and LackneyA Comprehensive work on  Educational Facilities Planning: Leadership, Architecture, and Management.. Published by Allyn & Bacon. 
Facilities Planning, Programming, Design, & Facilities Management  Issues are Discussed Extensively in This Text.

Tanner Forecasting and Planning Group
Working to ensure green programs and facilities!