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  Phase IV Engage an Architect to Translate the Concept design Into a Set of Schematics and Construction Documents That Match What the Stakeholders Want.

 Phase V - Acquire Project Cost Estimates.

Example of a WBS For School Facilities

School TFPG Architect
I x x
II x

III x x
IV x x x

Strategic Planning

The TPEG will conduct a Pre-Design and Pre-Planning forum for developing capital projects for public or independent agencies including schools, businesses, health care units, and recreation organizations.  Our cooperative of professionals helps clients to develop the concept design of a facility by matching the functions to be performed in the structure with what the clients envision.   Preliminary cost estimates are then developed.  We Plan Capital Projects With Stakeholders Using Strategic Planning Methods.  Read More >>>

Major Phases in Planning Capital Projects

We may work as an independent team on Phases I, II, and III, or cooperatively with an architectural firm.

Phase I - Hold a Pre-Design and Pre-Planning Forum. - Orientation. 

Phase II - Complete a Demand Study, Survey, and Client Population Forecast. Assuming a thorough study of the organization's functions, facilities needs, and client population forecast, we then launch the Focused Strategic Planning Process based on sound research and design principles!

Phase III - Participate in Planning Activities and Complete Concept Design for the Development of Facilities.

  Tanner Planning & Evaluation Group
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